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Hello! I’m Andi! It’s lovely to meet you!

Made By Andi is about all living and loving the simple lifestyle. Here on this blog I share my personal journey with healthy recipes, DIYs and more stories about my own path & other bits. I’m a self-employed, Canadian, who loves thrifting, organizing, to-do lists, and moleskine notebooks. I’m obsessive about tea and veggie juice. And I also believe that it’s important to play hooky from work and go for a beer with friends every once in a while.

I started out my creative journey seven years ago. It was then that I created my handmade handmade bag line, Hoakon + Helga. I was a year out of art college with a fine arts degree and very recently single. My life was at an interesting crossroads and I decided I didn’t have anything to lose - So, I took the plunge that year to become a full-time self employed creative. It was a super scary leap at the time, but something I’ve never regretted since! I was able to grow my business with hard work and consistency. I learned many skills and effective techniques along the way, and have made over 2000 bags with my own two hands. I closed my shop this past year to pursue new adventures. Wanna take a look at my Etsy shop? You can view it right here. Check out my sold section to see what my bags looked like.

Wanna read my Etsy Quit Your Day Job Article? You can do that right here. Wanna read my Etsy Featured Seller Article? Well, I’m a little embarrassed about that one, because it’s suuuper old… but I’m gonna show it to you anyways! Here ya go!

But here’s the thing, even with all the success I was having in my bag business, I felt like something was missing. You know that spark you get when you’re super passionate about something? Well whenever I had someone ask me, “Andi, how did you get so successful with your bags?” a spark even bigger would light inside of me. Why? Because that’s when I would get to help other people!

For me, that’s where my true passion comes alive and that’s where my next chapter in life has headed… In the teaching of this awesome stuff. I will always and forever be a creative business owner, but I know for sure that the next chapter of my own journey is to help serve other  people in learning how to run their own handmade businesses. And to do it with love and integrity.

But there are a lot of other things that come in to play when you want to live a beautiful, successful life. Success doesn’t just come in the form of business goals or money. These things should only be a means to the end goal… truly living a passionate life – one that’s right for you and who you are. And here on my blog that’s what I share… this amazing world of living a handmade, healthy, simplified lifestyle. It truly is one of the best things I’ve ever experienced.

This lifestyle is where I get to let my heart sing and I hope my blog will bring a sense of inspiration in to your life as well.

Thanks for letting me share my story! xx, Andi

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