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Hey! We’ve moved! Head on over to www.iheartmydreamjob to check out our new site! I’ll be keeping this blog up so you can reference any archived posts any time you like. Excited to see you over at the new website!

xx – Andi



things i like

1//  this dress… whaaat?!! so good.  2//  Can’t stop thinking about leopard sneakers too. I saw a pair at Steve Madden the other day, but I can’t find them online.

things i like 2

3 & 4//  I am obsessed with plant and floral patterns lately. They are totally inspiring my business! I’m actually putting together a new business card design based around it that I’ll be sharing with you guys in the near future.

things i like 3

5 & 6// This insanely adorable lookbook for Sonnet James modelled by Love Taza and her kiddies. (I think I need that striped dress!)

things i like 4

7 & 8 //  I love the idea of making food more beautiful and fun! And making the time to relax and just enjoy that moment. These two deserts (you’re a peach cake and apple heart tart) are super sweet and oh-so-inspiring. Don’t you think!?

things i like 5

9 & 10 // Amy Judd’s paintings are so delicate and beautiful. I am totally in love with them and find them incredibly inspiring!!

Happy Thursday friends! Andi






Have you ever tried doing a wellness shot? Think of it kinda like getting a shot at the bar, but with super healthy concentrated ingredients. Wellness shots are great for your body and give you an energy boost. This one is super beneficial for many reasons. Lemons are natural detoxifiers and are full of vitamin C. They also help to balance your bodies PH level. Ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant and Turmeric is also a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. Needless to say, this shot is jam packed full of some good stuff! I am going to warn you though, you might need a chaser… this shot is a little powerful to the tastebuds but well worth it for the health benefits!


(This recipe makes 1 shot)

- 1 lemon peeled
- approx 1 inch of ginger
- 1 tsp turmeric

Wash and peel the lemon. Add lemon and ginger to your juicer. Once juiced, stir turmeric in to final juice mixture (adding it to your juicer would damage the machine). Pour it into a shot glass. Now take a deep breath, close your eyes, and shoot that back as if you were at the bar (there’s a real zing to this sucker so you might want a small glass of something else to chase it with). Pat yourself on the back for being adventurous and trying new things. You are awesome and here’s to your health!




mask recipe

This is the time of year that I always feel like moisture has been completely sucked out of my skin and hair! And even though I feel like it’s an ongoing battle, there are some things I like to do about it. Hair masks are one of them. They’re super easy to make at home and they make a real big difference for your hair! The Honey Coconut Oil Mask is great for those of us that are feeling the wrath of winter’s dryness – brittle hair anyone? Coconut oil is amazing for moisturization and can be used on the skin as well. Some people might question the use of honey on the hair – isn’t it sticky? It is, but boy oh boy it can really do wonders for those locks of yours. Honey retains moisture and keeps your hair looking healthy and shiny! Also, when you heat up the mixture, it makes it much easier to apply. This also opens up the hair follicles allowing deeper absorption and more moisturization.

This was the first time I tried using honey in my hair and I’ll admit I was a little intimidated by it. Thoughts of my hair welding together permanently were my biggest fear. But it didn’t. The mixture was sticky and I had to make sure I applied it over the sink. I left my mask on for 45 minutes while my hair was tied in a towel. When I took my hair out of the towel I was a little nervous… it was pretty much sticking straight up (I should’ve taken a picture really). Then I shampooed twice followed by my normal conditioner. After the shower my hair felt great – no stickiness or anything.

coconut honey hair mask

- 1-2 tbsp honey
- 1-2 tbsp coconut oil
- small pot
- towel to wrap your head in

- Add the honey and coconut oil to a pot and gently warm ingredients together on the stove. You don’t need to boil this. So turn the heat on low and it’ll melt pretty quick – then you won’t burn your fingers when applying it either! Once the two have heated, stir together and add to a small bowl. Section off your hair in to 4 sections with clips. Add the mask to each section with your fingers gently making sure to pay a little extra attention to the ends. Once you’ve applied the mask to your whole head, wrap your hair in a towel. Let sit for 20-60 mins depending in what you prefer. Once done, shower like you normally do with shampoo and conditioner. Then style as usual. Your hair will now be feeling soft, lustrous, healthy and shiny!

I really like hair masks and this one was definitely fun! I’ve heard that honey can do wonders as a quick face mask too. That’s next on my list…. Ever tried it?

-xx, Andi

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